Kids Haircuts

The BEST Kids Haircut Place Near Me!  With mounted vehicles for styling chairs, televisions, DVDs, XBOX players, a Toy Store in the waiting area, and even regular styling chairs, our salons serve as FUN centers that provide a positive distraction for a MADtastic experience for any dude or diva getting a New Hairdo!

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Our MAIN service is kids haircuts!  We do them all day long, every day – so we are EXPERTS with everything having to do with kids hair!  Nothing a child does, says, etc. surprises us!  So moms & dads rest easy as we provide a judgment free zone where EVERY CHILD MATTERS! From FIRST haircut to FIRST date – ALL ages are welcome! Our awesome services may vary a little from store to store, as all our locations are individually owned (more details here). Be sure to call your location here if you ever have any questions or would like to make an appointment (appointments aren’t necessary, but best if you don’t want your child to wait)!

Did you know we are a TOTALLY GREEN SALON!? We don’t use harmful dyes or chemicals in our salon – so NO odors here!

Regular Haircuts – This service includes choosing your “chair”, movie or game, and getting your hair cut and styled with only “kid friendly” hair products – We only offer for sale products that are specially formulated and safe for kids!!  Our stylists can help you choose the BEST products for your kids hair!

Shampooing – we use hair products (Check out our hair products here!) that do NOT include any parabens, phosphates, etc.  Only the BEST products!

First Haircut Package – The BEST in the NATION! This package includes an appointment for double the time – to make it extra special! It also includes:

    • Before & after picture mounted on an 8 x 10 certificate printed with spot UV coating, personalized, dated, and signed
    • A lock of hair attached to the certificate
  • And a matching 5 x 7 certificate for grandparents, or any other “special” loved one

Comb Outs of extra long, knotted, coiled hair requires extra time so please call your location for more details.

Formal Up Dos – this service is scheduled for 45 minutes to begin at a set charge (Yes, it can include Hot Tools depending on the style you are going for), the final charge depends on the amount of time the updo takes. Let us Princess Diaries you for your big event!

Haircuts for Donation – where you donate is up to you – but of course we make this SPECIAL too! We want to commemorate anyone who has grown their hair and then donated it to those in need.  We do charge for the haircut, but we INCLUDE as our gift a Special 8 x 10 Certificate with a before/after picture to remember this act of kindness.

Hair Stripes – Yes we have color available for a temporary bit of FUN

Mini Manicures and Pedicures – these are Polish ONLY experiences, no filing or trimming included

Spa Manicures and Pedicures – now these are for the SPECIAL treatment, Spa Robes, Pampering, AND filing, trimming, soaking in bubbles and polish too!

Glitter Tattoos – for that extra special time!

Diva Day – What is a Diva Day? Your princess will wear a Spa robe, get a FUN Glittery Updo (not using a curling iron, etc.), sparkly makeup, a mini manicure and a tiara for the princess too! A Diva Day appointment is scheduled for 20 to 30 minutes. Check out more information here!

Birthday Parties – Imagine a group of girls gathered for a fun time of pampering!  All get Diva Day, sing karaoke, wear tiaras, opening gifts and More!  Party details vary by location, so click here, pick your location and read all about it!

Ear Piercing – Get ShEAR Dazzled Here! What does it include? Earrings, a robe, a furry friend to hold and keep, and both ears are pierced at the same time! (this service is done by most of our locations) Click here for more details.

Gift Certificates – All Kinds and SO CUTE – Boys, Girls, Diva Day, Cut with Stripes, Etc. 

Please Note: As Our locations are franchises and in different parts of the country, we cannot publish pricing here as all pricing varies by location.  Locations may also offer additional services – but what is listed above is offered at ALL of our locations (unless noted)!

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You guys are amazing!!! My little guy is a HORRIBLE client and all of you ladies were VERY patient with him and I am so glad that I found you! Thanks for not making me feel like the worst parent ever or for making him feel like he was not welcome. You guys really made it so much easier on me by being so understanding. THANK YOU! – Laura

My family had an amazing experience at the Northland Location of Shear Madness! We have a son that has a sensory disorder and getting a haircut has been a nightmare for a long time. He got to pick out what car he was sitting in and what show he watched and although he still had a few meltdowns it was nothing compared to haircuts in he past. It was also great to have a stylist that understood and was patient with him. Also it was nice to see a stylist that was fluent in ASL! What a great place that was inclusive for all children!! Thanks so much 🙂 – Samantha

My son is almost 2 and this was his 3rd experience getting his haircut (we decided to try somewhere new this time). He isn’t very cooperative, and in fact hates getting his haircut!! Your stylist was awesome with getting the job done!! I wish I asked for her name, but it was quite chaotic and I forgot to ask in the midst of everything. We will definitely be back, and I was super happy with the cut, how professional she was, and how she got the job done with patience!! Thank you!Jenn

kids haircuts, shear madness haircuts for kids, kids hair salon, best kids hair salon near me, kids retail, kids birthday parties, ear piercing, where every child mattersI just wanted to take the time to say thank you and tell you about the incredible experience we had at your salon! My 2.5 year old son is pretty resilient to haircuts and usually puts up quite a struggle.   Our hairdresser, Stephanie, was so patient with him and did everything to make him feel comfortable .  My son ended up sitting on my husband’s lap while Stephanie cut his hair.  He loved watching cartoons and was so well-behaved as she gave him an amazing haircut! I cannot thank you enough for this great experience!  I have already told my friends and we will definitely be back!Amy

I brought my son for his very first haircut today at your Amherst, NY location. The stylist did such a great job! She was quick and accurate! I will never take my children to another salon. Thanks for such a great experience!Heather

I’d just like to say my sons hair looks amazing & you guys did an amazing job! Definitely recommending you guys to everybody I know. Thank you! – Meagin

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had at Shear Madness this past Sunday.  My son is 18 months old and this was his 4th haircut.  His last few were not very good and to be honest we were always a bit unhappy with the cleanliness of the kids’ salons we had visited. When I walked in, I was so happy to see a clean, welcoming salon where I was comfortable letting my son run around and explore.  Our stylist Laura was wonderful with my son and listened to exactly what I wanted.  In addition, the cutting area was clean and my son LOVED the car! We are so happy to have found a place for him to get his hair cut. Thank you SO much! -Stephanie 

We had my daughters 10th Birthday party and the girls had a blast!! They were having so much fun, the party was a success! The staff was extremely friendly and did a wonderful job with the girls hair and make up! Thank you Shear Madness for making my Daughter’s birthday party so special! -Avery

I brought my two daughters in for cuts. The women who helped them were kind and good at what they do. We were very happy with our experience. Thanks! – Jennifer

It was my sons best haircut experience yet. He had a perfect line up, a nice high and tight. Blended well. He even laughed the whole time. The last time I cut his hair it took 45 min and he screamed as cried the whole time. Having a nice haircut is important but I appreciate making the kids comfortable and having an enjoyable experience. The barber should not just try to get them in and out with kids screaming My son did very well with her. Thank God for your business! – Steve