Ghoulies & Goblins & Ghosties – Oh My!

Choosing a costume can create quite a conundrum, but costuming an entire congregation causes complete craziness! Chillax! We got this!

After our Olathe location hosted our first-ever Halloween parade last year, we walked (okay, slumped into chairs first, then walked) away with some new and fresh dress-up ideas. For starters, buying that $30+ outfit off the number wall at a costume store doesn’t ALWAYS mean it will be comfortable, practical, or even warm enough for the typical chilly, spooky, haunting weather of Halloween night. Moreover, you are likely to match quite of few of your fellow trick-or-treaters by choosing Kung-Fu Panda or Princess Aurora rather than making a costume at home, or being a part of a “Theme Team.”

Want to recapture the intrigue associated with “What are you going to be?” Would you like to save a few dollars – and perhaps a pair or two of aching feet, as well? Will your kids appreciate your thoughtfulness and ingenuity? Okay, we can’t REALLY guarantee that last one, but we can help your chances with the other two. First, how many children are you trying to dress? Our “Best Theme” winners last year stole the show when they followed the Yellow Brick Road (literally, one of the parents was draped with a piece of yellow felt that had Sharpie-lines drawn on it to resemble a brick-lain structure) right to our door and then suite-to-suite thereafter. They walked with Dorothy, Toto, Lion, Scarecrow, and the TinMan, all while pulling a wagon for when the wee wittle piggies grew tired… And each & every costume of theirs was homemade!

Seriously, why didn’t we think of this sooner? Aluminum foil and a funnel? You could use those same items to make yourself the Statue of Liberty, a Hershey’s Kiss, or even a Baked Potato. Just cut some cardboard into a flame-shape and add a book – shizaam, Lady Luck. Or you can Duct tape throw pillows to both the front and back of your person before wrapping to get a more “round” look, and add some tissue paper to your hat that spells “HERSHEY.” You could easily paint a poster-board box to look like a Hershey bar, and then have the top peeled back to reveal the sweetest of faces inside.

Do you have neighbors who are in dance? Ask to borrow a tutu for your little princess; you can buy sequins to adorn the neckline of a now-too-small top after cutting to better proportions, then make a pipe-cleaner wand, tiara, or wings even! Who do you know who plays a sport? Borrow shin guards or helmets or shoulder pads, etc. Boys can be easily paired with their siblings by dressing all as mascots. The Seven Dwarves and Snow White; Batman and Robin; Thing One and Thing Two. Just add an oval of white to the front of a red outfit and label it with black marker. “Uncle Sam” can accompany Lady Liberty, just as one of our long-time MAD moms, Lori Koenigsman, is dressing her daughter as Tinkerbell, her son as Peter Pan, and her husband as Captain Hook.

The possibilities are endless, and since Shear Madness is excited to host our 2nd annual Halloween Parade, prizes will be given out for Best Costume and Best Theme. Still worried about getting that FULL look? Each location will be offering free face-painting & color hairspray applications, so just come dressed to impress & ready to rock (or walk, as it were) and we will take care of the rest. Please remember, safety first. Keeping your children warm, comfortable, and easily mobile (think sneakers instead of heels, mom) will make their spirits high and your stresses low. So start letting your creative juices flow, because we can’t WAIT to see what you’re going to be!

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