What really sets Shear Madness apart from all other children’s salons is our Boutique Retail for Boys AND Girls! We carry some of the newest, hottest, most hip toys, games, and fun accessories in town! There’s always new items and special offers on seasonal merchandise. So not only is Shear Madness a great place for a haircut it’s ALSO a great place to shop!


Bring on the Bows!

This is what we tend to rave about the most – our incredible Bow-Dacious Bow wall! We have so many hair bows and accessories to choose from, that it’s sure to be an experience you’ll want to come back for again and again! From the teeniest tiniest baby bows to huge Mack-Daddy headbands and bows, we have something for every girl no matter what age! (Click here to learn how you can even build your own bow!)


We carry all basic grosgrain colors in 5 different sizes – perfect for building your own bow in the colors you need!

Infansparklebowst sized bows – These come on a snap clip so small and strong it holds onto the hair on your arm! Perfect for babies who haven’t yet grown a lot of hair.  (We also have soft headbands that can be used to attach bows!)

Huge Bows – These are BIG bows that are available in many colors, with custom order of colors! These bows also make perfect Cheerleading bows.

Bling! If you’re looking for a barrette with some “bling”, or have been wanting to add a little sparkle to your favorite hair bow – we’ve got a great selection that is sure to impress!

Headbands – We have headbands in many different colors!  MoMo bands, Infant headbands, headbands with bows, crocheted bands, and more!

Beautiful Bows for special occasions (including festive bows for Holidays) – These are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors – Shear Madness is the place for hair bows!


Kid’s Hair Products!

This SUDS for you – A shampoo line for kids! When it comes to keeping your little ones clean, nothing ever seems safe enough or gentle enough for that delicate skin you love so much! Thankfully, Shear Madness Haircuts For Kids has a line of hair-care products pH-balanced specifically for children, and made of the finest quality ingredients! The shampoos come in Banana, Raspberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, Blueberry or Lice Defense. We also seasonally stock up on a Swimmer’s Shampoo that’s mild enough for even the finest of baby hair, but strong enough to keep that chlorinated green tint out!

Conditioners in Yummy flavors! Pick your favorites! Washing hair regularly is only HALF the battle! Keeping it silky smooth & picture-perfect usually necessitates the use of good conditioning, too. Luckily, we have you covered at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids. Our conditioners come in Melon, Raspberry, Pineapple or Lice Defense, and will leave hair silky smooth. We also seasonally stock up on a PRE-SWIM Conditioning spray that will coat children’s hair in a defensive shield against chlorine damage (preventing it from needing that much-dreaded stripping associated with getting the green out).

gelproductsHold-’ems, COLORED Gel, & Hair Chalk too! From Spiker’s hair GLUE (that can just about withstand a tornado before coming down) to a Lemon-Lime shine serum or Grape jam, your boys are sure to find JUST the right hair gel for their desired hair hold. We also carry Hyper-Hold Mint paste, Shaping gel, and a mousse gel ladies might enjoy, too. Then, only at Shear Madness Haircuts For Kids, who could forget our trademark spray? Vanilla Freeze is an awesome product that will keep you looking your best, all day long!

Don’t BUG me! Lice Prevention & Defense: As we mentioned in our flavor listings for the shampoos and conditioners, Shear Madness Haircuts For Kids carries a line of hair-care called Lice Defense (used during those break-out times of year to prevent your kids from bringing those bad bed bugs home). With a Tea Tree-based shampoo, conditioner, hairspray & gel, the Lice Defense line keeps children’s hairs clean, conditioned, and under control.


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