Christmas BOWS and Other Great Gifts for Kids

We LOVE the holidays at Shear Madness and we think you will too! The salons are brimming with laughter and happy squeals, our staff is always friendly and ready to help you find the perfect gift, and our shelves are stocked with the coolest toys, gifts, hair accessories, and hair products you can’t find just anywhere. This is why our motto for years has been “Come in for a haircut, and come back for the experience!” Now we’re also offering gift certificates available for purchase in any amount! Choose from some of our great salon services for kid’s including Diva Days for Girls and Madtastic Manes for Boys. Both packages include a salon service plus $10 worth of boutique retail which make them the perfect gift for any kid!

Gift Certificates from Shear Madness

This is the face my kid makes when we go into Shear Madness 😀

What really stands out in the salons is our fabulous “Build a Bow” hair bow, headband, and accessory wall. Choose from every size, color, and pattern you can imagine in bows, hair bling, and accessories and create your own bow! There are endless possibilities for stacking and matching!

One of our favorite looks this winter is the Double-Trouble pigtails with BIG Bows! Clip our smaller decorative bows in the center of bigger solid colored bows for a more dramatic look.


“Bling” on the Bows! Clip one of these sparkly additions to the center of your bows. Adorable AND Affordable. This makes a little girl ooh and ahh – the perfect gift!


Our bows clip onto our headbands – you’ll love this completed look too!


Our winter flower buds are beautiful on the older girls. Clip one on top of side buns, this look is simple and sweet. Feathered or felted – we have all the colors you’ll love.


Stay small…

Always sweet…

Find these and many Holiday Gift Ideas at your Shear Madness!

We’re having a Great day at Shear Madness, we hope you have one too!




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