The Lowdown on LICE!

Just hearing the word “lice” can make your skin crawl, so as a mother, the idea that they are out there circulating the school systems – makes a girl paranoid! So why are so many families having to RID themselves of those tiny bugs each fall? The answer is simple. Gymnastics mats. Football helmets. That cute scarf you tried on at the store. Headphones on an airplane. Just because we don’t see the person in front of us set something down, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Luckily, we have been working with children for over a decade now and have a pretty good idea of how they are communicated and how they can be prevented from entering your home.
We, as people, get a very specific form of lice that feeds only on the hair and scalp of humans, without which they can barely survive. You see, lice use a glue-like saliva to attach their eggs to the hair shafts of their host, then once the eggs hatch, those babies grow and shed skin over the period of ONE MONTH before reaching their own adulthood and repeating the process.
The key to getting rid of them once you have been exposed, is to wash your hair and scalp with a special shampoo that will kill any live bugs or eggs, as well as un-glue the eggs that have been attached. For those of you who have been through this process, we are talking hours (if not days) of combing through every one of the 250,000+ hairs on a human head for our own peace of mind! Not fun. However, there is a silver lining.
Lice CAN be prevented! Have you ever heard about using marigolds to surround your precious flowers to keep rodents at bay? Much like a citronella candle does for a back patio, tea tree oil does for your and your kids’ heads! Since lice cannot survive very long without a host, in theory we can nip this epidemic in the bud (or nit) by simply getting them off our heads long enough to wipe out their parasitic little race!
The great news is Shear Madness actually carries LICE PREVENTION haircare products from the Circle of Friends line that are pH-balanced for children. They are gentle enough for daily use, but have those key bug-repelling ingredients in them to also be strong enough to keep your child’s head safe! We recommend the shampoo and conditioner for anyone who has children in elementary school – and specifically if they have heard of a lice outbreak in their area. The styling products are a great way for that extra protection for children in sports, too. By using the hairspray to hold a little girl’s bun, or the gel for a boy who wears a ball cap, the repellents will keep your children active AND bug-free. So give your kids that added security, and you’ll be able to sleep tight–and NOT have the bed bugs bite!

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