Party UpDos

Flower Girl to Funky Fresh Updos

Whether you are being whisked away to a wedding day (and want to wipe wispy bangs out of the face of a flower girl) or are primping up your popular princess PRE-prom, Shear Madness will out do any up-do you would get anywhere else!

Our UPROARious UP-DOOS will add the finishing touches to any exceptional ensemble (first christening to first communion) without weighing down the wearer! No matter what the occasion, if your pretty princess is going to be the center of attention and needs that MAD MANE magnificently molded into the most marvelous of hairdos, make your appointment with us and find yourself feeling pampered by FRIENDS!

Preparation for an UPROARious UP-DOO is EASY!

1) Make the appointment.

2) Wash hair the night before

and add a little product for pliability.

3) Come dressed in the formal attire,

or with easily removable clothing.

That’s it! We can do all the rest. From forming the funkiest or fanciest French Twist Updo or Braided Updos, to curling the craziest or cutesiest of curled coifs, our MADtastic Stylin’-tists have the know-how and the how-to to makeover your mini’s mane into an awesome up-do!

Homecoming Up-doos to Curly Hair Up-doos

We have all the Cute Up-doos for girls!

Don’t let the names confuse you! Shear Madness’ UPROARious UP-DOOS are much more time consuming (and a lot more elaborate) than our Mini-Makeover DIVA DAYZ hairdos, so they take at least twice as long. In fact, the length of your appointment (and the cost of your service) will be dependent on the type of hair your little one has (and long it is), what type of up-doo you are wanting, and whether or not you have specific accessories you need us to add into the [hair] piece!

The better prepared you are, the easier the experience will be for all of us. This is why we here at Shear Madness encourage you to have pictures available of the desired look. Most importantly, we ask that you arrive with your hair “up-do ready.” Over the years, we have found that this is best accomplished by doing the following:

The Night Before:

1) Washing the hair

(so it is completely dry in time for curling or straightening)

2) Adding any product that would give the hair better pliability

(perhaps a mousse or curl boost, just for added texture)

3) Avoid leave-in conditioners or hair masks

(so the hair is not too silky smooth that we cannot keep it up!)

4) Brush the hair thoroughly underneath

(nothing is worse than trying to pull up on tender hair that are tangled at the base of the neck!)