Princess Spa Manicures

Our Spa Manicure is a bright and fun experience that will help your child feel like a star! Your darling diva spa girls will delight in the dainty dressing of our Rockstar Resting Robes and luxuriously lathery lotion – all to set the mood of course! Once we get started, our stylists will let the child’s hands soak in warm, bubbly water, and then carefully polish their nails to ensure that your princess walks away looking and feeling her best! Be sure to schedule your appointment for this unique (and totally cool) part of the Shear Madness experience today!  Make sure and request the SPA manicure for this service!

Princess Twinkle Toes Spa Pedicures

Your Princess Twinkle Toes will be all smiles and then some once she gets a pedicure here at the Shear Madness spa for kids! We wrap our royalty in winning robes and wind them down with our whimsical atmosphere. The darling diva who sits down for a pedicure will find herself standing up on two new feet! Our stylists will allow each girl to soak her feet in a warm, bubbly bath. A short while later, once the child has relaxed (and is having a blast while doing so), our stylists will polish their toes according to whatever color we have that the Princess and her parent would like!  Make sure and request the SPA Pedicure for this service!

Mini Mani or Pedicures

While a SPA Manicure or Pedicure is fancy and fun, we do offer MINI-Manicures or Pedicures!  These don’t include the  lotion, or nails being trimmed, etc.  These are just adding polish to those Fingers and Toes!  Adding a little Spice to any Shear madness Experience!

Too Too Cute Mini-Mani, Up Do & Dress Up Spa Party

Glamour! Glitz! and giggles of GLEE is what you’ll get when you plan your next party with us! The up-and-comers will sit back and relax while our Pink Starlets hover over them, creating fabulous hairdos, applying glamorous “pretend” make-up, and having a DivaLicous good time! Parties are slightly different at each location, please call for details and reservations!

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