Beautimous BANGS – Just a Bang Trim Please

Kid’s Bang Trims

Not all haircuts need to be drastic, daring, or even the entire head for that matter! That’s why Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids offers our Beautimous Bang Trims! The service is available for a myriad of reasons, including those times you want to get your fine femmes and fellows looking flawless for family functions! Haircuts with bangs are positively perfect when you’re growing out your little one’s locks and still want to see those beautiful baby blues hidden behind that bushel of blonde. Then there’s in-between times, when the trouble of going toe-to-toe with your toddler towhead is too tough to think about – Our Bang Cuts have got you covered!

Girls hairstyle with bangs

Choosing this partial-head option is cost-effective, too, at less than half the price of a full haircut! We all know boys will be boys, so letting it grow is sometimes the easiest answer for peace-keeping parents. However, have no fear! Settling for the surfer look is NOT synonymous with voluntarily voting for vagabond – we can help your handsome headstrong grow out those troubling tops while saving you from seeing those shaggy strands stick out over the ears! Whether your desired look is to cut just the bangs on your beautiful belle (while leaving those luscious land-sliding locks in back) or only trimming around the ears and neck of your handsome man in time for that perfect snap, we can show you how to layer bangs, how to style your bangs, and how to help your bangs with product!

Are hairstyles with bangs right for your little one?

Many older girls draw attention to their eyes by cutting their hair to leave long foreheads behind blunt or large noses laying side-by-side with swept bangs. Jaw lines can be softened or hardened depending on the style, so when is it a good choice for your child to bring bangs to their manes? Certainly, face shape should play a part in your decision-making, so our stylists will help explain the pros and cons of every bang cut style. Young children tend to need help controlling annoying cowlicks, while babies sometimes seem to successfully get strands stuck in their eyes when they first start scooting and crawling on their own. To keep long hairs from blocking their view (or as a way to avoid a hair potion for the wild wigs of the Harry Potter’s out there) bang cuts will make handling the hairiest of headstrongs extremely more manageable and mane-ly magnificent!

Always remember to consider your child’s hair type, hair texture, and face shape when choosing to cut their cute little coifs.

How to style your bangs:

We typically choose our medium hold Vanilla Freeze hairspray, designed to control fly-away and static-y hairs and create smooth styles. This ultra-fine styling mist is used to give hair lift, direction and control. Depending on your child’s age and their hair type, you might also consider our Grape Jam or Mango Mousse – both give the best results in shorter hair styles, while providing just the right pliability to style sensibly without creating that dreaded helmet head! More info on these items is available on our blog!