Baby’s First Haircut Package at Shear Madness Albuquerque NM

Baby and Toddler HAIRCUTS!

Ready for that First Baby Haircut?

Like everything else in life, you have to start somewhere. What better place to piece together some peace within the stresses associated with tough toddler tresses – than with our sensational stylists at a salon that satisfies all the baby basics! Finagling fly-aways, braiding over bald spots, calibrating kinky curls – Shear Madness kids hair salon will help you with your first baby haircut, through all the toddler hair cuts, on into the teen-times, because your child’s haircuts are what we’re all about!

baby haircut baby haircut

Safety FIRST with all our haircuts for kids!

We want you to feel as comfortable with us as we feel with this field, which is why we have fine-tuned the fine art of cosmetology and kids. Our stylists have your baby’s best interests at heart. We never subject our subjects to the scary bowels of our shampoo bowls (unless you specifically ask for it). Instead, we mist our cuties with warm water and detanglers working through their hair with hospital-grade-disinfected combs and brushes. So there are never risks of injury or infection while inside any of our salons.
Shear Madness is GREEN, too! Yes, our stores are colorful – but we are environmentally green as well. While we are definitely high-energy, there is never a risk of smog! There are no aerosols used, and no permanents or dyes. We keep our atmosphere as clean and welcoming as possible. Our salons are geared toward kids, so chemical services never provided and (save for some nail polish every now and again) the only scents you’ll be sniffing inside one of our stores will be the friendly fun fragrances of our pH-balanced, just-for-kids products made from natural ingredients!

Twice as Nice for those Toddler Hair Cuts!

Baby Haircuts and Toddler HaricutsTaking extra time and care for your child’s first haircut helps us all get the most out of the experience. Our stylists want to make sure you capture each moment, and that we ease you through those sentimental first snips. This is why we take the time to talk about the transition and spare you the sadness of missing any photo-ops by giving that first cut twice as much time as our regular ones.
Our Baby’s First Haircut Package gets your bundle blissfully beautified while capturing that crucial first cut with before and after pics mounted on the cutest cardstock certificate – attached with a ribbon-wrapped ringlet of hair. The certificate is 8” x 10” and specially-designed for easy framing. Your stylist’s and your signatures seal the deal and date the ‘do your darling first got duded or dolled up! What better way to keep safe your keepsake than to mount the moment on your wall for all to see?

Maybe you are a Memento Mama (or even an Anthology Aunt), if so, we have paired pages available to fit into your favorite Portfolio of Firsts. This 12” x 12” two-page set perfectly matches this milestone (including the before and after pics and locks of hair). Plus, they have been sized to squeeze right into your scrapbook – and still have places for all those extra pictures!

Include the whole gang for that first baby haircut!

With our movies going, suckers being licked, and locks being snipped, we know that some sweethearts still need help finding their zen inside our Madtastic dens. This is another reason why we encourage you to bring the whole family, loving faces always help! Although many parents choose to let their little ones sit all big and tall on their own, we do have adult chairs, too! So make use of lap room or snuggle time for the lovies who are as scared as we are prepared. Sometimes a dad or a grandpa can make all the difference at distracting your darlings from crying those crocodile tears over the cool cuts the certainly can’t get anywhere else!

baby boy haircut before and after

Grandma and Grandpa will probably need to have their own copies of the momentous occasion, so we can always fill out extra certificates or even prepare matching scrapbook pages or photos!

Just be sure to let your stylist know if you are interested in this package, as it will take extra time to prepare your priceless paperwork. Costs may vary depending on location and applicable specials, so call ahead to determine what package is right for you and just how long we can plan to have you with us! If you’re worried about keeping your little one up for the occasion, rest assured that we have mastered the mayhem (and managed the madness) for many, many years, so tired and tearful toddlers and tots are never too tangly or torturous a triumph for our seasoned stylists!

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