Curly Hair Battle! Mousse Vs Gel:

Who Wins the Ringlet War?

Mousse or Gel?

ISO Bouncy CremeOur kids hair products are pH-balanced just for children, so baby hair mousse really is for baby and hair Spiker can fix a toddler’s Faux Hawk–without finding the two of you in tears! Nevertheless, there are products that promote promising effects but can actually leave users wanting more. Mousse, for instance, is an expanding product by definition, which can actually be bad for your little one’s still-growing follicles as it gets inside the hair shaft to expand (and eventually break) it. We carry an all-natural foaming mousse that is ideal for course curls and has a fantastic fruity frangrance–but we have found the bounce creme works with all hair types, so we recommend it above all others! Meanwhile, gels are too difficult to properly proportion when hair is fine or thin (or both), and tend to leave locks laden with layers of lackluster goop.

For this reason, we urge against hair gels or mousses for your little ones. Even our educated child cosmetologists can sometimes get crumby results when creating curl concoctions with chalky gels and goopy mousses. Which is just one more reason to bump up your bounciness with our curl boost cream! Because the Eighties were great, and perms were perfectly punk – but in this century, kids’ hairstyles are darling (and daring) enough without that dusting of white residue or wet-looking ringlets.

Whether you are naturally wavy or bottled to bounce, tousles all across time have asked the same tress question: Which is best for curly hair?

Bouncy Créme!

As a children’s hair salon, we have put the testimonials of tons of tremendous hair products to the test and one result reigned supreme:

Our Bouncy Créme!

This light cream instantly rejuvenates curly, wavy or textured hair by separating and defining–everything you want and need in a curl-whirling product–while leaving hair full of shine without flaking and stiffness! The easy-to-pump bottle dispenses this silky smooth serum to be worked through clean, damp hair.

The different looks of styling cream hairstyles.

When added to wet hair, a cream can work wonderfully just to condition and strengthen hair by adding that extra layer of protection from the elements. However, this kid-friendly, mother-approved hair-tonic defines curls and controls frizz. It is great for blow drying for volume, but has been used most by scrunching for definition.

Why use styling cream?

Like all our favorite products, there are natural ingredients making them just right for your little one, and the Bouncy Créme is no exception. This texture energizer contains emollients to soften hair, retain moisture, prevent frizz and flyaways, while providing a smooth feel and adding shine. There is also a “Bounce-Back” polymer that protects the hair against thermal damage, as well as conditions and defrizzes curls. Possibly the most recognizable are its humectants that moisturize hair without weighing it down while controlling frizz for smooth curls. These special ingredients replenish moisture for body and luster! To complete your look, after scrunching this product through the hair, simply spritz your loved one with Vanilla Freeze Hairspray for a finished look and Voila! Your MADtastic ‘DO is MADsmermizing!

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