How to Get Rid of Static Hair – Our Secret

Sweet Static Hair Solutions –

Don’t Sweat the Smell-Good Stuff!

From mini-makeovers to daddy-daughter dances, many of our moms have asked us to help hone in on the how-to’s of keeping children’s coifs beatifully styled (without adding billions of hours to the style time).

Our number one secret?

Vanilla Freeze hairspray.

This medium hold mist not only perfumes those precious pigtails with a scent as sweet as cupcakes, but it also controls fly-aways and staticy strands, keeping them smoothed and in-place — as if they were frozen in time! Our products always provide pliability and piece-ability, so never fear, that horrible helmet head will not be made here!

Day-to-day Fly Away Solutions

Getting all dolled up isn’t the only time for teasing their tresses and testing this hair-tonic of sweet-smelling tundra! As an ultra-fine styling mist, this houdini hairspray is great to use right after blow drying! Since this candy concoction naturally gives hair the lift and direction we used to get from the aerosols of old, spritzing in some style and scent with this sweet best-selling solution will add control to your child’s strands while making the start of each school day shorter and sassier!

how to get rid of static electricity in hair

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Depending on the texture and style of your little one’s mane, hairspray might just be the icing on the cake, as it were. Make the most of your shorter styles by pairing with our Grape Jam, meanwhile the waviest styles will curl up nicely with our Mango Mousse. Read our blogs for more info on how to appropriately distribute each. Because at Shear Madness, haircuts for kids are just the beginning! We pride ourselves on a great experience, kid-friendly atmospheres, and MADTASTIC style!

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