Helpful Hair Hints: SPIKER

Spiking your strikingly good-looking son’s super-spooky Studly-nstein spikes got you spattered with hair glue? Here’s some help.

If you’re like me, becoming the mother of a monster boy means having to learn all the tricks of the trade from scratch. Luckily, (for all of us) the ladies at Shear Madness have been styling hair for well over 14 years now and know that standing hair on end can come from stress, or just from how you comb your tress.

Michelle Hurlbut, of our South Leawood location, gave me her best tips on getting tousled, prickly, or Mohawked dos. First, she encourages getting the proper styling aid for the type of hair you are attempting to mold. For the lucky Dennis-the-Menace types whose hair sticks up naturally, you would only need a gentle gel or whipped wax to texturize and style the already MADtastic MANE. On the other hand, there are those children whose hairs are so straight the style (albeit limp like it has been weighted down with lead) holds on its own – even on the windiest of days! These stick-straight-strands are no match for the ICE Spiker hair glue, with which you can spike a faux-hawk that can go up the tornado and bring Toto back with it.

For children needing this ultra-strong styling glue, take a deep breath, Mom (or sip some chardonnay, whatever works best) and get out your most trusty comb. Michelle encourages dampening the top of the hair with a spritz of water. Without saturating it, you want to moisten the hair, but if you spray it down too much, you will have greater difficulty in getting it to stand up.

This next step is crucial. Are you ready? Cause this one totally made me slap myself on the forehead! You must apply the glue to the COMB! I know, right? I never would have thought of that on my own!

Hold the comb so the teeth are sticking up, making it resemble the lower jaw of that scary monster your two-year-old wants to be for Halloween. Looking at the comb, one side has fine teeth (or thinner prongs that are set closer together). Using this end of your monster jaw, squeeze the styling glue across the lip from the end of the comb in (toward the middle), like you would apply toothpaste to a toothbrush. There is no need to squeeze more than an inch’s worth at first, since you can always add more if necessary.

Comb the product into your child’s hair starting right at that hairline. Comb from follicle to tip (scalp to ends) leaving the hair standing up until you have the styling glue applied to all the hairs you intend to style. Once the product is in place, you get to FINALLY get messy! Pinch together your thumbs and first fingers to make the best Mommy-claws ever and use these to shape the style of your choice.

While you wash the product off your styling comb and pinchers, watch your child’s face light-up as he admires mommy’s amazing handy work! Take another deep breath (or sip of chardonnay) and relax until you need your next Helpful Hair Hint.

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