Hair Bows, Headbands, and Hair Bling!

Hair Bows for Girls

Can you Imagine the most fabulous selection of Hair Bows a girl has ever dreamed of? Add to that the endless possibilities of Building Your Own!!! (We got) just what you’re looking for!

Hair Bows, Headbands, and Hair Bling galore is JUST what you can expect when you visit a Shear Madness Kids Salon and Boutique! It’s an experience she’ll never forget and one even mom will want to come back for again and again.

The Shear Madness “Build a Bow” Tutorial

Building your own bow at Shear Madness is SO much fun! It’s the most creative way to create your very own custom head bling that can be reordered and switched around for a NEW look every time! Combine our itty bitty baby bows with a over sized MEGA-Bow and create Dynamic, Daring, and DARLING hair bows of your very own.

How it Works

1. Select several bows ranging in size, color, texture, pattern – whatever you like! Use a headband if you wish too.

2. Then clip them together to see the endless possibilities. Start with the biggest and finish with the smallest.

Build a Bow

Tada!!!! Build a Bow is so fun! Bring your friends and try it for yourself the next time you visit any of our Shear Madness Kids salons!

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