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Bring on the BLING!

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Imagine the most fabulous selection of Hair Bows a girl has ever dreamed of..Then something cool you may not know about..

Adding BLING to your Bows!!!

It’s so easy, just pick one of our Bowdacious Bows and your favorite sparkly Bling clip, then attach the clip to the center of your Bow for an awesome look!! Shear Madness carries SO MANY different varieties of Hair Bling to choose from, not to mention the coolest Hair Bow and Headband selection EVER!!! We just love the look of pigtail bows with matching Heart Bling! Perfect for February!

Or this lovely two toned Grosgrain Bow by Wee Ones with sparkly Owl Bling!!! Super cute!

Or stack your Bowdacious Bow with some Bling then clip BOTH to your favorite headband! So many possibilities…

Hair Bows, Accessories, Headbands, and Hair Bling galore is what you can expect when you visit a Shear Madness Kids Salon and Boutique! (Not to mention we give great haircuts.) Check out the rest of our salon services, or find the  Shear Madness near YOU! We’re having a great day at Shear Madness, we hope you have one too!

Do you want to Learn How to Build your Own BOW?!?!?!

The Shear Madness “Build a Bow” Tutorial