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What are pros and cons to owning multiple locations?

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Is it true that some people just do better owning only one location?  Or is it always best to own more than one location if possible?  What are your experiences or advice on this?

What Exactly is a Bowl Cut!!!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Surely the bowl cut came into existence by default; as parents across the globe chose the path of least resistance when shearing the heads of their no-longer-precious children. Neither masculine nor feminine, this style borrowed its name from the family bowl unilaterally placed on the head of each child as all visible pieces of hair were snipped into submission. Though adults would never consider such a style for themselves, they remained unsatisfied until their children resembled a cluster of unisex mushrooms scurrying together across flower covered meadows. This practice served to keep the cute factor under control for as long as possible, ensuring that older children would not escape the daily chores of working on the farm by marrying too early.

Perhaps the motives of these parents were considerably more pure, and it was simply a covert operation to protect homely children until they fully grew into their oversized ears. Or, perhaps it was an early version of the No Child Left Behind Policy; ensuring there would be no winners in the school popularity contest.

But the cute factor can only be refrained for so long. The head bowls became bigger. The locks grew longer. And in the 1960’s, the Beatles added a little fringe and Rock’n’Roll to the mix. The dreaded bowl cut was transformed, sought after and mimicked. And parents were forced to relinquish the keys to the Cool Bus once and for all.